About CMCS

Welcome to CMCS 2017!

The international ECCOMAS Thematic Conference “Computational modeling of complex materials across the scales (CMCS)” will take place on 7 - 9 Nov. in Paris, France.

The objectives of the international CMCS 2017 conference are to present recent state-of-the-art developments in multiscale modeling of complex materials with computational approaches. This thematic conference focuses on one hand on the modeling of complex (i.e. multiphysics, realistic microstructures) microstructural phenomena and on the other hand on the upscaling of these phenomena at coarse (engineering) scales to determine their effective or emergent behavior. The goal is to gather scientists from different disciplines working on scale bridging problems in materials and structures to make a step forward in the development of these approaches and to target integration in future engineering tools.



• Heterogeneous solids and structures

• Multi-scale modeling methodologies

• Computational micromechanics

• Structure-property relations


Scientific/technical areas covered


The topics addressed in this colloquium will include:

• Space/time computational homogenization

• Simulation of complex (multiphysics, multi-field) phenomena at the microscale

• Non-separated scale problems and generalized continua

• Emergent phenomena

• Modeling of interfaces

• Microcracking simulation, advanced algorithms for complex microstructures e.g. arising from experimental imagery

• Advanced methodologies combining experiments and numerical simulations for of microscale phenomena and their upscaled behavior

• Efficient computational methodologies to reduce computing times in multiscale computations

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